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La noi από ψηλά



Which exit do we get from Egnatia Motorway?

On the Egnatia Motorway you take the exit to Mavranaioi, and after passing the homonymous village you continue to Samarina / Vasilitsa Ski Center. At the crossroads a few km outside Anavryta, and before the ski resort follow the signs to Aetia, Filippaioi and Samarina.

Are there gas stations in the area?

You will find gas stations in Grevena and at the exit of Mavranaioi. Due to the unavailability of gas stations in our area, we advise you to come with a full tank.

Does the hotel have parking?

You can park shortly at the hotel for loading and unloading your luggage. Free parking is allowed on the ring road of the village 30m. from the hotel.

Are there any restaurants in the village?

In Samarina Square, just a five minute walk from the hotel, you will find traditional taverns that are open all year round.

Are snow chains necessary in winter?

Although the road is cleaned in cases of bad weather, due to the high altitude we advise you in the winter to use either snow tires or to have snow chains with you just in case.

How far is the Vasilitsa Ski Center?

The ski center is only 11 km from Samarina, but expect about half an hour until you arrive there.

Is there a supermarket in the village?

A mini-market operates all year round where you can get some basic necessities. A kiosk "periptero" operates also all year round.

Is there an ATM ( automated teller machine) in the village?

Unfortunately in the village there is no ATM for withdrawing money, so it would be useful to have some cash with you. Nevertheless you can use your card for transactions in the restaurants, our hotel as well as in other shops of the village.

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Unfortunately for operational reasons (specialised cleaning of the rooms etc), we do not allow pets to stay in the rooms of our guesthouse.

Can we order something outside the snack-bar's menu?

We would be happy to make an offer for bus-groups or teams that includes a half board menu.

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